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With wedding season around the corner, we’ve been busy with engagement photos of our sweet couples the past few months. Have yours coming up soon? No need to stress! Here are 5 our of tips for what to wear to ensure great engagement photos:

5 Tips and Tricks for Incredible Engagement Photos:

1. Dress With Confidence and Comfort: Your engagement photos are a great opportunity to show who you both are individually, and as a couple. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident to let your personalities shine. We believe in making things fun and candid to truly bring the essence of your beautiful selves.

2. Complement Each Other: It helps that your clothing options complement each other through colors, and style. If one of you wants to wear board shorts and a tee, then it doesn’t make sense for one of you to wear a cocktail dress and five inch heels.

3. Mix it up: It is fun to have a couple of different looks. We recommend having two outfits, one more casual, to be able to move around in; and the other more dressed up,  like a fun flirty dress paired with your fiancé wearing something matching. For even more versatility wear layers (one more reason why Spring is the best time for engagement photos.)

Also, for even more fun, bring props, pets, and

4. Solids vs. Prints: When done correctly prints can really breaks up and can be quite flattering, but it is key that they are not too distracting. and can really break things up. Stripes on the other hand can make you look bigger than you actually are, and not many of us want that. Logos are also a big no-no , they are incredibly distracting and can really date your photos. As a general rule make sure to wear something that is flattering and not distracting from you! For a safe bet, solids win.


5. Have Fun: Don’t over think it. We have had our share of couples bring in their stack of pinterest photos and though some pre-planning for posing can be a plus, don’t go overboard. If you are trying to imitate someone else it shows. Just have fun, spontaneous, and blissful with unrehearsed love.