With all the snow falling over the past week, we’d like to share a couple of our favorite snowy photography moments.  If you are the type of person who wants to run out the door with your sled when the snow starts falling, this might be a great time to take photographs too!  Snow can be really beautiful in both portrait photography and wedding photography adding a soft and fun element to your images.  Check out these photographs of our favorite snowy moments.

Casey & Logan

Casey and Logan have been friends since High school and recently got engaged.  They shared their engagement photography session with us  and their two dogs on the grounds of the Lionsgate Event Center.  The snow just started to fall when we went outside to begin their photography session.   The dogs although a little cold in the snowy weather posed wonderfully for the photographs while Casey & Logan look beautiful!

cl0086 cl0117cl0032


Jessica & Anthony

Jessica & Anthony got married at the Stonebrook Manor on a snowy day in October.  There wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground for this wedding but  we were still able to do something unique using their rings, wedding date and the snowy ground for a memorable photograph of their special day.

ja0474 ja0486