The below article was featured recently on the Spruce Mountain Ranch newsletter,, highlighting 2015 wedding trends.

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Video booths are all the rage this 2015 wedding season! We talked with Cal from All Digital Studios about some of their favorite video trends on the rise!

Slow Motion Video Booth:  The hottest new trend this year as identified by the Huffington Post. We offered the first one in Colorado and have thoroughly enjoyed providing this cutting-edge technology to our clients–including Spruce Mountain Ranch. Slow Motion Booths offer couples something totally different than traditional photo booths. A few imitators offer a low quality slow motion video that is not nearly as clear or slow, but also do not have immediate playback. The immediate playback on a large TV monitor is amazingly entertaining with immediate gratification. After watching their own replay, guests will receive an email link to their own slow motion replay, and then the bride and groom will receive a full 3 to 5 minute edited recap of all of the best videos of all of their guests.

Short Highlight Reels I think this is the biggest change I have seen in wedding videos in 15 years. Its the “marriage” (Pun intended) of DSLR cameras which allow for a more cinematic production with Youtube and Vimeo, where short, entertaining videos can be shared with family and friends. This is not your parents’ wedding video…These short highlight reels are emotionally-charged, powerful and passionate. When engaged couples see sample of these, I think the demand for video will skyrocket.

Usage of smaller cameras (like GoPros) Cameras in general are getting smaller. GoPro cameras are possible to use and we have even put a GoPro in a bride’s bouquet which makes for an awesome video of her coming down the aisle. However, the biggest change in cameras has been that DSLR cameras are now viable for high quality HD footage. The DSLR allows for a shallow depth of field which is very cinematic. High quality footage comes from DSLRs with extra attachments called “steadi-cams and gliders and sliders” which enhance this cinematic effect. Not all videographers have the added equipment or experience to produce the more cinematic productions, so brides should not assume all videographers are equal. Some couples prefer more a more traditional full length documentary style of the entire day, so they need to make their wishes known. Most of our packages include both the long version and a short recap film.

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Save the Date Announcements:   We have not yet had the pleasure of creating a save the date announcement, but could certainly bring some creative ideas to life and it would be fun to produce some!

Love Story Films (Perfect for wedding websites) These seem to be more popular than the save the date videos. We typically do these when couples come for engagement shoots and then it can be edited into their final video, projected during dinner of their reception, and/or posted on their website. The love story video, or a shortened version of it could be made into a save the date video online.

Video Proposals We would love to be on hand for proposals, but unfortunately, guys don’t seem to think about this in advance. Smaller, more discreet cameras can help stay hidden (including GoPro cameras) but the help of a professional editor would be key. To help people prepare for a more dramatic and recorded proposal, we founded